Andréa Veiga

Portrait Painter

  • Tribe
  • Walk
  • Figs
  • Girl Playing with Pebbles
  • Oranges
  • Girl sitting
  • Jonathan
  • Singer
  • Giulia in the Garden
  • Little Angie
  • My Love

Andréa Veiga

Andréa has been painting portraits for more than 25 years, in the US, Brazil, France and the UK. The artist attended classes at The Royal Academy of Art for three years, specialising in portraiture, and more recently acquired a degree with honours in History of Art.

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Commission a portrait

During the initial stages of a portrait commission I like to spend some time with the sitter just getting to know them. In response to these impressions and respecting the client's wishes and expectations I develop a first idea and concept of the portrait.

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