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During the initial stages of a portrait commission, I like to spend some time with the sitter just getting to know them. In response to these impressions and respecting the client’s wishes and expectations, I develop a first idea and concept of the portrait. It is of great importance to meet my subject and develop mutual respect and sympathy to be able to create his or her natural true representation.

I study my sitter during 3 to 5 sittings of 1 to 2 hours each. When painting children and/or animals, I photograph my subject in a very relaxed and friendly setting. After working on a few suitable compositions I supply the client with one sketch for their approval.

After that, the actual work on the painting begins in oil.

The background and surroundings chosen for the painting make reference to the person’s personality, preferences or activities.

The creative process takes approximately two months from start to finish of the portrait.

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